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Supply Chain Management . Negotiations .
Product Innovation . Order
Management . Quality Assurance .

Buying Agency

Paradigm Enterprises provides a complete supply chain solutions to its clients. We identify suitable vendors, and
evaluate their compliances capability and compliances & work on product developments, negotiations, order
management, quality assurance, packing and logistics.. our network comprises the best factories in Home
Textiles, Furniture, Carpets and Rugs, Apparel, Accessories and Leather.

Vendor Management

Identifying the right vendor for the product who understands the brand and can provide the service and price. Negotiation , Compliance , Capacity Planning & Vendor Development

Order Management

Planning the order process , approvals and capacity for timely deliveries.

Quality Assurance

Quality that is built in to the process , ensuring a quality product to meet your standards

Shopping and Logistics

Planning Optimal packaging and cost effective shipments. Network of shipping and consolidating agents to make shipping efficient.

Business 2 Business

This is a unique solution for small retailers. We provide an opportunity to buy small
quantities direct from EU compliant vendors in India, who meet all European quality
standards, and have their brands being sold in India. Our retail B2B clients can have
a branded quality product as wholesale price.

Product Selection

Product Selection

We are collaborating with exporting manufacturers who have successful brands of their own In India, with packaging and quality standards. Simply Select the products from the catalogues and put them in the cart.

Order Management

Order Management

We will download the cart as your enquiry and send you detailed door to door quotations while verifying the stocks with the factories. Consolidates quotes will be sent for your approval and finalization.

Quality Assurance and Shipping

Quality Assurance and Shipping

Once finalized, we will consolidate the goods, verify quality and packaging standards, and coordinate a door to door delivery at whole sale prices, giving your retail business flexibility and a chance to buy direct from source.

Home and Decor

We cover all categories including Furniture, Carpets
and Rugs, Ceramic and Glass Decor, Christmas,
Wall Art...

Apparel, Leather,
Footwear and

With Product Development and design capabilities,
selection of factories will be to meet capacity,
compliance, costs, designs and delivery

Indian Brands & Designers in
collab' with us ..

Home Decor, Textiles, Carpets
& Rugs,Furniture and More ....

Design and Product Capabilities of our factories

Apparel, Leather,
Accessories and Footwear ...