Will the "Pink Protection Project" Improve the Security Status of Women?

India Sep 04, 2021

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We are witnessing a very contrasting scenario in India. While our nation celebrates exuberantly as our female athletes have made the country proud by winning medals in the Olympics, on the contrary, the safety standards of women in the country are declining day by day. Despite imposing strict laws and awareness campaigns, cases of women harassment grab the newspaper headlines everyday. This is an ignominy for a nation where female goddesses are traditionally worshipped.

But Kerala's recently launched "Pink Protection Project" might enhance the security status of women.

Let's take a deeper insight and see how this initiative will ease up the conditions.

This project aims to prevent dowry-related issues, cyber-bullying and humiliation of females by acting as a shield for women in public, private and digital spaces.

It will be working on several domains to uproot these horrendous crimes from society.

1) Pink Patrol

These are patrol cars deployed in densely populated areas that have a high presence of women. These Patrol Cars are operated by women police and are equipped with GPS tracking devices, cameras on the front and rear sides.

2) Pink Janamaithri Beats.

This unit aims to spot and eradicate deep-rooted dowry related crimes and issues.

Legal actions on these issues are mostly limited since such crimes are confined within the house and female victims suffer from mental trauma and don't open up due to fear of society. This team's local volunteers will be vigilant to gather information by neighbors, relatives and panchayat members.

3) Pink Control Rooms

Pink Control Rooms are established to address issues quickly. They consist of specially trained women officials. They are mainly responsible for handling emergency calls and signals from women and children under threat.

At present 14 districts possess these Pink Control Rooms.

4) Pink Shadow

As the name suggests, the members of this team act as a shadow of women. These personnel wear mufti and will monitor crowded public buses vulnerable for misuse and hassle. They are also committed to keep a check on habitual eve teasers and molesters.

5) Pink Romeo

It is a bike patrolling team which is meant to secure women from the clutches of evil men. This unit will work fervently in the areas that have a high presence of women. It also aims to catch and punish such offenders.

6) Pink Digital Drive

Under this initiative the cyber police stations in the state will ensure the security of females on digital forums. The tech experts are all set to take down such websites/groups/pages responsible for digital harassment of women. They will also keep a check on morphed photography and malicious content that is made viral on social media. Strict action will be taken on such grounds under the IT Act.

7) Vanitha Cells and Counseling Centres.

These centres are mainly responsible for handling harassment petitions and family disputes on a large scale. They act as the first line of dispute redressal forum for all family related cases.

8) Digital App / POL-App

NIRBHAYAM app is launched by Kerala Police exclusively for females, when under threat they can seek help by simply accessing emergency services. The women are encouraged to download and use this app whenever urgency strikes.

This move by Kerala will tinker the security status of women across the state and its positive inference will undoubtedly act as a beacon light for other states. It's high time for other states to roll up their sleeves and join hands in this mission to mitigate crimes against women.

This article has been written by Kartik Bajare for The Paradigm

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