Will Pandemic bring Sustainable Business Practices into the mainstream?

Economy Jun 26, 2021

As the pandemic struck, many people were unable to get basic necessity items in their shelves, and to ensure the smooth running of the supply chain, it was reported that many companies started to neglect environmental safety while manufacturing. A survey by Boston Consulting Group studied the effect that pandemics had on the perspective of customers towards sustainability during the manufacturing process.

In this survey 90% people expressed concerns about the effects of pandemic on the environment once the pandemic is over. At the same time 95% of the participants agree that by individual efforts one could help reduce the amount of unsustainable waste, help in controlling climate change and also preserve the wildlife.

To make the manufacturing process and the delivery to the consumers sustainable companies have been adopting several methods. Some companies are implementing employee friendly processes, some are implementing the sustainability by localising the supply chain, promoting and prioritising local consumption products, whereas, some financially more companies are trying to integrate sustainability with the basic as well as core activities of the company, which can include cutting down plastic and cardboard used in delivery to optimize delivery routes.  

Meeting the demands of the consumers companies have started making significant changes in their promotional strategies and operating methods. In conversation several companies revealed that it's impactful to make changes in the starting stages rather than making drastic changes only in the latter stage of production and supply.

Following the competition to provide sustainable production and objects to consumers companies are moving very aggressively and Unilever targeted the goal of zero emission, starting from production to sales of products in the market at the same time by the year 2039 5o invest an estimated 1.1 billion dollars for production of environment friendly products.

Following the same another major company P&G in April announced their 2030 goal of 100% recyclable product packaging by making the Old Spice and Secret Deodorants packaging plastic free. This company also targets reducing the consumption of virgin petroleum plastic by estimated 50%.

In the month of May, Mondelez made the public announcement that they are targeting a goal of 100% recyclable packaging similar to the other two companies, however at the same time also targeting 100% sustainable cocoa sourcing for chocolate. The targeted period for the company is 2025 and less than any other company. At the same time, Nestle has also started working on their goal of 100% recycled packaging.

Following the same path, several other major companies have announced sustainable goals for the next decade which aim to achieve more than 90% reusability in all their products packaging and delivering. None of these goals are easier to concur however, with baby steps we can eradicate the waste and attain the sustainability goals.

This article has been written by Ritika Pandey for The Paradigm.

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