India Oct 18, 2020

On 29th September, Amnesty International said that the Indian government froze all its bank's accounts leading to all their work in the country coming to a halt. This was apparently known to them since 10th September. Now, about 150 employees have lost their job.

Amnesty had a successful 8 year run in India where they addressed crucial human rights violations amid growing hostility and the government’s clampdown. The organisation in recent years have been working on five crucial projects—business and human rights, individuals at risk, gender-based violence, human rights education, and access to justice in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amnesty added that it had complied with all applicable international and Indian laws. For its work in India, it said it raised funds domestically and around 1 lakh Indians had contributed financially in the past 8 years.

“Treating human rights organisations like criminal enterprises and dissenting individuals as criminals without any credible evidence is a deliberate attempt by the Enforcement Directorate and Government of India to stoke a climate of fear and dismantle the critical voices in India…" said Amnesty International India executive director Avinash Kumar said.

Does the government not want human right issues to reach international media?There are a lot of questions about why did the Government decide to freeze Amnesty's bank accounts.

This article has been written by Riya Rajayyan for The Paradigm

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