Why did 8,000 Morocco migrants enter Spain?

Conflicts Jun 04, 2021

Around eight thousand migrants illegally entered Ceuta, a Spanish port city that borders Morocco on the North African Coast. This is said to be the biggest arrival of migrants that Ceuta has ever seen. Among these migrants, around 2,000 are said to be children. Spain's capital, Madrid, is sending more resources to the region.

A video also surfaced on media in which a boy tied some plastic bottles to himself so he can protect himself from drowning. The boy then reached the ground safely and tried to escape, but was captured by the security forces present there.

Why did these migrants risk their lives?

The migrants who took this risk claim that there is no work for them to do. Their parents are jobless, struggling to provide food, the education system is also weak.

Many migrants were seen celebrating their way to the border. They are hoping to start a better life by staying inside the boundaries of the European Union. But their dream will not be fulfilled as Spain's foreign minister said that the officials have begun to send back the migrants to Morocco.

Clash of security and migrants.

Spain has sent the army to keep the tensions at the border in control but has failed to stop the number of migrants from increasing. Armed troops have also been sent to face these migrants and take the situation in control. The officials then started to send back the migrants. All the migrants who came to the border illegally were told to return as soon as possible.

Poor Spanish-Moroccan relations.

According to the Government of Spain, Morocco is responsible for this influx of migrants. The president of Ceuta has called this influx an invasion. Morocco was unhappy when Spain authorized Brahim Ghali, the leader of a militant group, to receive COVID-19 treatment at a Spanish hospital. Ghali leads the Polisario Front, a group that struggles for an independent Western Sahara. The territory is an old Spanish colony controlled by Morocco from the 1970s. By the time Ghali was admitted last month, Morocco had warned that this would have consequences. Now, Spain is suffering from them.

Over 4,000 migrants were deported. The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez claims that the rest will have to leave as well.

What might be the reason for all this? Are these migrants facing the consequences of Spain's poor relationship with Morocco? Is Morocco doing all this on purpose as Spain helped Ghali?

This article has been written by Omer Khan  for The Paradigm

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