What is the ISpA?

India Oct 31, 2021

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Echoing the vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, the Indian Space Association (ISpA), was recently launched by the Prime Minister of India. The association will act as an umbrella unit and will also be a supplement for the government’s efforts in making India a leading player in the space forum.

About ISpA:

This premier industry association, with Indian Space Research Organization as one of its founding members, and leading home-grown space-tech companies like Larson & Toubro, Tata Group’s Nelco, OneWeb (funded by European countries), Bharti Airtel, MapmyIndia among others as its stakeholders aspires to be the collaborated voice for the Indian Space diaspora.

Four Pillars of Indian Space Association:

  • Incentivizing the private sector for more innovations.
  • Government in the enabler's role.
  • An open platform for youngsters to solve digital age space technology problems.
  • Making use of space technology as a resource for the benefit of the common man.

Significance of ISpA:

  • ISpA will act as a catalyst for increasing the government’s efficiency and reliability in matters related to the space forum.
  • Private entities will look to touch the space with this new organization.
  • It will also undergo Policy Advocacy which will aim to make India self-reliant, technologically advanced and make India the world leader in the space world, and will also promote global linkages for the Indian space industry.

Challenges for ISpA:

  • Different stakeholders differ in their views about many issues in the space sector, which creates a non-playing field.
  • The association lacks a robust dispute settling mechanism.
  • India has produced some of the best brains but has been unsuccessful in retaining them in their own land.
  • Lack of space legislation and managing the numerous satellites in space for India are the major hindrance.

Way forward:

  • Providing a stable policy and legislative environment along with the development of youth by the government needs to be widely spread all around India to fuel a decisive vision for space sectors.
  • The establishment of space parks all over India along with ISRO investing in major public-private partnerships will be key reliefs to counter such hurdles.

With healthy synchronization, and maximizing its full potential to be a competitor in the space race between the US, China, and Russia, India has fuelled up its aspirations of dominating space power.

This article is written by Shrawan Deogirkar for Paradigm.

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