What is the Hulhumale Project?

International Oct 28, 2020
  • The Maldives is small yet idyllic which offers a whole new culture to its visitors.
  • While this quintessential destination is an escape for people, it itself is prone to the grievous effect of climate change.
  • Climate change spares no one, including the small island putting its heritage and history to danger.
  • People often overlook that it is the most vulnerable island with seawater levels rising high every year, with a possibility of the island submerging in our lifetime.
  • But unlike being silent spectators, the citizens choose to take the situation in their own hands before it spirals out of control.
  • Hulhumalé, a ray of hope, is the first step towards sustainability and a green urban planning initiative undertaken with the objective to meet the existing and future demands.
  • It grew up through the conjuring up of land from a lagoon situated in Hulhumaté, the main international hub of Maldives.

How does it aim to be sustainable?

  • Hulhumalé is the culmination of the island nation’s efforts to reimagine its focus towards being resilient, economically, and environmentally.
  • The Dispersed Islands forming the Country are encircled by the azure blues, exposing the Island Nation to the perils of climate change.
  • In 2004, the government undertook the responsibility to take the first step towards saving the island by reclaiming land.
  • Built for resilience, the city is expected to come into operations together with the introduction of green architecture and the generation of green energy within the city.
  • A transport master plan has also been developed which includes smart city components such as smart city management.
  • The utility serves grids including water, electricity, fire, and sewage systems are being reviewed to update the existing grids to smart city grids.
  • By assimilating the required human, financial and economic resources, it aims to utilize and channel them in the most feasible manner.

What is the lesson to learn?

  • Instead of waiting for the situation to turn worse, the government along with the help of the citizens envisioned a definite step which is the largest and the most efficient project undertaken in the world.
  • Hulhumalé aspires to foster creative entrepreneurship among the youth, stimulating economic solutions and tackling the social challenges faced by the nation.
  • It is just the tip of the iceberg, climate change is affecting all of us but everything matters on how we take action to fight against it.

This article has been written by Jahnavi Rathore for The Paradigm

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