What is the Black Death by COVID-19?

Pandemic May 15, 2021

"Black Fungus" is an uprising element from Pandora's box of Covid having a 50% mortality rate.

An advisory issued by the National Covid task force gave a report of the rising of black fungus in Delhi, Maharashtra & Gujarat. Mucormycosis which was previously known as "Zygomycosis" and commonly known as "Black Fungus" is being sought in many of the Covid patients as well as the patients which are recovered from it.

It was initially sought in the first wave of the Covid but now it is at its vigorous state in the II wave.

A group of moulds named as 'mucormycetes' are the causing pathogens for this rare but serious disease which are voluntarily present in the environment in soil, air, vegetables, which enters the human body through mouth, eyes, nose and wounds that breach the skin barrier.

Symptoms are as follows:

Case I : If the fungus grows in the sinus and brain.

-one sided facial swelling


-nasal or sinus congestion

-black lesions on nasal bridge or upper inside of mouth that quickly become more severe


Case II: Pulmonary(lung) mucormycosis.



-chest pain

-shortness of breath

It generally attacks the one who has lower immunity, diabetes, cancer and the ones who had an organ transplantation and since the dosage of remdisiver lowers the body's ability to fight the germs it is eventually seen in the Covid patients and those who have recovered from it.

Sample of patient's fluid from the respiratory tract can be taken and be diagnosed. But for the initial case, CT is required for the diagnosis .


Experts and doctors suggested that one should wear masks while working at construction and dusty sites. Also one should wear shoes, long pants and sleeved shirts and gloves while gardening . A thorough scrub bath and usage of antifungals should be done in order to maintain personal hygiene.


It can be treated with proper prescription and antifungal medicines at its initial stage but at severe conditions it can require removal of the eyes, jaws and several tissues which are attacked by the microbes through surgeries.

Liposomal Amphotericin B which is produced by Bharat Serum & Vaccine Limited  (LAmB) is acting as the protagonist for  medical intervention in patients.

Even though it is a rare, deadly disease, it is not contagious.

This article has been written by Ms. Bhople Pranjal Pramod for The Paradigm

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