What is the AUKUS alliance?

International Sep 25, 2021

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After the deteriorating management of troops withdrawal from the “Graveyard of Empires”, the foci of world’s superpower had become entangled in the rising hegemony and bellicose of China in the Indo-Pacific.

Hence a news on 15th September, which mentioned a new trilateral pact “AUKUS” being coined by the US Prez Joe Biden, where Australia will be provided with atleast eight ‘nuclear-powered fleets’ with the technological assistance from two of its allies – USA and UK, had grabbed the top headlines of medias worldwide.


  1. The AUKUS, which is more on security and defence cooperation, to counter China’s hegemonic aspirations in the Indo-Pacific region is the motive.
  2. The questions lingering over the US reputation as a global power and dependability has got their testimonial evidence in the AUKUS outfit it seems.
  3. Some existing frameworks like QUAD, FIVE EYES and ASEAN had tied their knots with the AUKUS Framework it seems.
  4. Major developments for the Australian Navy.


  • Alliance for an alliance: This word comes handy as QUAD and AUKUS share mutual cooperation with like-minded nations as its members which increases the productive administration over the region.
  • Had initiated an OFFICIAL way of inculcating UK in the framework that promotes peace in Indo-pacific.
  • Major boost for Australia which share its position as a member for the QUAD as well as a prominent member for AUKUS alliance.

But the latest move by the US, the UK and Australia to launch the AUKUS has ignited speculation about the functioning and fate of the QUAD in the future.

The AUKUS, is clearly a much stronger message to China than the QUAD’s strategic statements with also worth noting that QUAD is yet not a military alliance. With the inclusion of the UK in AUKUS the question arises over the expansion of QUAD. Also giving birth to one more alliance in a region already dominated with alliances, makes it more vulnerable to wars and battlegrounds which very much goes against the constructive agenda of QUAD.

The Five Eyes though has been great for providing the medium for sharing intelligence but not worthy enough for engaging in war-fields and so is the ASEAN.

China defenestrated this new alliance quoting “it is the violation of peace treaties and advised to abandon their ‘cold war’ mentality or "Risk harming their own interests”.

French counterparts called their envoys back and found quoted “They stabbed us at back” after no advance notice was provided to them for cancellation of the deal, causing a loss of worth USD 66 Billions.

However, amidst the tensions engulfing the region, there is a WIN-WIN situation for India as the recent developments makes France vulnerable to financial losses where they will be in desperate need for handsome deals on defence to which India can respond gently and strengthen its ties and AUKUS more prone to contribute to QUAD’s motive.

Now the question which remains is how rounds of Indian Diplomacy will enlighten these developments, time being the biggest testimony will have some answers to tell.

This article has been written by Shrawan Deogirkar for The Paradigm.

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