Trouble in the Mediterranean?: Greece-Turkey Conflict.

International Oct 17, 2020
  • In recent weeks, the Mediterranean region is bustling with activities by various countries.
  • Continuous expeditions and checks are flaring up veritable skirmishes as the brunt of the problem levels up to energy resources.
  • Turkey’s large discovery of natural gas resources and overlapping lines of controls is creating chaos in this region.
  • With the resurgence of the Turkey-Greece conflict, tensions are real and growing.

How are energy resources prompting a fight?

  • With the recent active exploration of natural gas fields, tensions between Turkey and Greece are escalating.
  • On one hand, this is creating a rivalry between the two nations about the control over the sea territories and so on.
  • Deals to recognize respective rights have prompted uncertainty among the nations.
  • Last year, Turkey signed a maritime accord with the Libyan Government of National Accord(GNA) to set up renewed gas exploration in areas that Greece considers to be under its economic zone.
  • In retaliation, early this month, Greece and Egypt signed a maritime boundary agreement podding Turkish anger, naval developments.
  • These arguments are exacerbating tension and in the longer term could well fuel a regional air and naval arms race, concerted action is going to be needed if the economic benefits of this gas are to be realized.

What are the other subordinate reasons?

  • While energy resources remain the key factor in this dispute, the Mediterranean region also highlights another shift in the region- the decline of US power or the decline of the Trump administration’s strategic interest in the functioning of the activities.
  • The US president, Donald Trump has suspended Turkey from the F-35 warplane program following its purchase of advanced Russian surface-to-air- missiles.
  • In the clear absence of US power, Germany sought to mediate between the two countries.
  • Another pivotal part of the concern is the much more assertive and potent foreign policy adopted by Turkey, which some have likened to the resurgence of the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Turkish economy may have faltered but it is not ready to back off.
  • Amid the growing Greek-Turkish tensions, France despatched two warships and two maritime strike aircraft as a show of solidarity with Athens exacerbating the conditions.
  • This region is emerging to be a volatile area where both developing diplomatic and disdain strains could erupt without any warning.

This article has been written by Jahnavi Rathore for The Paradigm

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