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Aug 08, 2021

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Date: 15th August 2021

Due to the pandemic FreedomCon 2021 will be conducted on Twitter Spaces, and Clubhouse with India's most impactful experts, activists, and entrepreneurs. You will receive link for the event via email on 14th August. The Paradigm will also send you a reminder about the event half an hour in advance.

About The Paradigm's FreedomCon 2021

Every year, on Independence day, we celebrate our freedom struggle and the milestone that led to our country's sovereignty. However, on this day, why do we focus so much on the past and how far we have come? Sovereignty and freedom empower us to create our own future. Independence Day should not only be a retrospective event. It should also be a day to imagine the future, and how we are building it. The Paradigm's FreedomCon 2021 aims to accomplish just that. The nation's first socio-political convention, that aims to remind its citizens of the true power of freedom and sovereignty. Featuring discussions with India’s experts about the country’s socio-political, business, financial, and economic present, and the future, The Paradigm’s FreedomCon 2021 is all set to help the citizens understand what lies ahead for us.

About The Paradigm

At The Paradigm we are building the World's largest generation informed voters in the history of mankind before India's 2024 General Elections. We send out a 3-minute daily newsletter explaining the socio-political happenings around the world in a simple language. Check out our articles here.

Hope you have fun at FreedomCon 2021. Also, this is your reminder to drink water.

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