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Sayali Joshi Friday, 4 September 2020

Projects for Lions and Dolphins

Sayali Joshi
Friday, 4 September 2020

Projects for Lions and Dolphins

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 74th independence day of India, 15 August 2020, announced that the center will take necessary actions towards conservation of endangered species in India that are Lions and Dolphins. India is one of the world’s ‘mega diversity’ countries. It is ranked ninth in the world in terms of higher plant species richness. At the ecosystem level, India is also well-endowed, with ten distinct biogeographic zones. It also contains two of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots, because of their extraordinarily high levels of species richness and endemicity, and threatened status. Following the path of success of Project Tiger that was launched in 1973, the Center will make sure to replicate the success with the ongoing new project. India is showing rapid growth in the technology sector which will be helpful in conserving the endangered ones.

Talking about the Lion project in his speech, Modi said that as per the official from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Project Lion will involve the conservation of Asiatic Lion and its landscape. It will also include research and development using the latest technologies which will assure the security and managing their habitat by keeping track of their lives. Most importantly, issues regarding diseases of lions will be addressed. Providing them with veterinary care and advanced world-class research. Asiatic Lions have been confined to Gir National Park and its surrounding environments in Gujarat’s Saurashtra. The Gujarat Forest Department in June 2020 had suggested their population to be increased by 29%- 523 in 2015 to 674 in 2020. The department also informed that the distribution area of lions in Saurashtra has been increased by 36%. In 2015, it was 22,000 sq m which has now gone to 30,000 sq km. Experts have also been calling for the reintroduction of the species outside Gujarat for the long-term conservation of the Asiatic Lions.

Enlightening about the Dolphins project, that is counted as one of the endangered species in India. The Gangetic Dolphins are the indicator of the overall environmental status of the ecosystem. They also indicate the status of other living organisms in the Ganga river that are vulnerable to changes in water quality. The Gangetic Dolphin has also been categorized as endangered on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List. To protect and conserve them this project has been initiated by the center which will include both the sea and river species. Will be looked after with all means of aspects using modern technologies. The increase in the habitat of these spices will engage a huge amount of tourism, fisherman, and other ocean dependent population to improve their livelihood. This will lead to employment and an increase in standard living.

We all are interdependent living beings. This step towards the conservation of fauna will surely lead to a great diversity to live in. A country that promotes such activities with huge budgets will surely make an ideal to look after for generations to come. Underlining that the country is committed towards promotion and conservation of its biodiversity, Modi said, “India has shown that the march towards development is possible by balancing the environment".