Harshal Suralkar Monday, 11 May 2020

Israel leads the way

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) currently has no treatment or vaccine, leaving countries grappling with the wrath of the infectious disease. Caused by the novel coronavirus, now called the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the viral infection has killed more than 257,000 people and infected at least 3.66 million. Scientists across the globe are racing to develop vaccines and therapies to combat the infection.

Israel has been one of the most active countries in battling COVID-19, and has been successful in "flattening the curve." The country has announced dozens of medical studies and technologies they are developing to contain the spread of the virus and treat those who are critically ill. Now, in a significant medical breakthrough, Israel's Institute for Biological Research Institute (IIBRI) has wrapped up the development of a potential treatment for the coronavirus disease. The scientists say they have identified an antibody for coronavirus that neutralizes in vitro or outside of a living organism. Monoclonal antibodies, the antibody structure as the name suggests, are cloned from a single recovered cell. Thus, they are much easier to create and use, as opposed to polyclonal antibodies which will have to be derived from multiple cells.

In typical antibody vaccines, neutralization occurs when the laboratory-developed antibodies mimic the body’s natural immune response and attack the virus when exposed to it. IIBR is a unit that works to counter biological threats against Israel and has been taking the lead in order to develop a treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus, including plasma collection that includes the testing of blood from those who recovered from Covid-19.The antibody preparations are now in mass production.

Israel was one of the first countries to close its borders and impose increasingly stringent restrictions on movement to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus. It has reported 16,246 cases and 235 deaths due to Covid-19.

3 key parameters for the Antibody: The antibody is monoclonal, new and refined, and contains an exceptionally low proportion of harmful proteins The antibody is able to neutralize the coronavirus The antibody was specifically tested on the aggressive coronavirus.

Though the Antibody by Israel has been found it is not clearly mentioned that the Antibody will be controlling all the patients similarly because the antibody in blood needs to match with the patient's immune system to attack the virus whereas if not so the immune system itself will fight against the antibody and create a worsened condition.

This certainly can and will help in controlling the spread of the virus but not eliminate the cause. This is just the beginning of the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Because it has come to be widespread in the post influenza period, and the real intensity will be seen in the winter period. Such antibodies are very important for the people so that they slow the process of the virus and in turn create an environment where the body gets accustomed to the virus and until the body eliminates the threat. We are moving on to the strategy of herd immunity.