Harshal Suralkar Friday, 1 May 2020

How are countries tackling Covid_19

Harshal Suralkar
Friday, 1 May 2020

How are countries tackling Covid_19

What are the correct decisions? Actually there are none. People who think they are doing the right thing are the ones who do the most horrendous things to each other. It is animal nature to fix boundaries and Human nature to expand boundaries. By trying out something that goes out of the current boundaries and in such conditions the decisions made are either good or bad they are not correct or incorrect. Decision is not in the correctness of a person it is in the involvement of people. If the society benefits with the decision the decision is good, if it does not then the decision is bad.

However the people may think of the world as a perfect place to be lived in, it is for sure no such place. Because we never were perfect and we never will be perfect. If you can remember, it is not only a nation at risk; the world is facing the greatest threat in history. Even though we might see ourselves as pretty advanced there’s no right way for us to completely bypass the situation we have right now.

We will get through this, yes we will. But the point of concern is how is that going to be possible. Moreover what are going to be things that we are missing out on? And the answer is different for everyone. Because every country is different and the people living there are different. Though nations in the world group together to help each other in this COVID-19 Pandemic. As far as the nation’s title as Super-power of the world is concerned, it is in pretty bad shape. As of USA currently the number of people infected are 987,322 and the number of deaths are 55,415. And the government has still not initiated a lockdown.

At one point, over 90% of the US population was under mandatory lockdown orders, but some states began lifting orders over the weekend allowing some Americans to return to hair salons and tattoo parlors. The public in the US is protesting against being locked down at home. And this is not even the point of concern; the actual point is that the president is on their sides saying lockdown is not at all important.

Spain’s lockdown started on March 14 and is one of the strictest in Europe, with children until now forced to stay indoors at all times. Last night the government bowed to public pressure and said children under 14 would be able to take short walks outside under supervision. Spain has the highest number of confirmed cases outside of the US, with more than 204,000 positive tests, and a death toll in excess of 21,000.

India has been in a very crucial state since the beginning of the virus outbreak. Due to lack of medical facilities and humongous population in India it was kind of inevitable to foreshadow the impact that the virus was going to have. As soon as the virus outbreak was sensed by the government, an immediate lockdown was announced. After having chaos created for some of the people. But the virus was contained to a marginable extent. Though the threat has not passed but we still hope that it will. The government has extended the lockdown until 3rd May.

Russia is a place of adverse conditions and varying problems, but Corona has not left the majestic nation. Russia has seen the term lockdown has a very different point of view. Since the last week of March or as we can say the time since the lockdown was issued a total amount of 13.6 billion dollars have been cashed out through the ATMs and bank, leaving the government cashless? Though the lockdown is forced almost perfectly and strictly but still the proper financial aid has not been made available.

Sweden has left its schools, gyms, cafes, bars and restaurants open throughout the spread of the pandemic. Instead, the government has urged citizens to act responsibly and follow social distancing guidelines. The spread of Covid-19 across the globe is triggering different responses across national and even state borders, as authorities struggle to contain an outbreak about which much remains unknown. It’s unclear which strategy will ultimately prove most effective, and even experts in Sweden will ultimately prove most effective, and even experts in Sweden warn it’s too early to draw conclusions. But given the huge economic damage caused by strict lockdowns, the Swedish approach has drawn considerable interest around the world.

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are putting a lockdown for all over the country. The UN or the United nations have been providing guidelines through WHO. Though Indonesia, the biggest Muslim nation in the world has decided a full fletched lockdown in the month of holy Ramzan. Maybe it’s not just about civil rights and freedom of people to move around streets or to be doing religious acts; we need to make good decisions for “THE GREATER GOOD”. Because we are at the point where the political agendas matter not nor matters who's going to be in the power. World has changed forever and will keep on doing the same. The only thing we can do is to achieve tranquility and peace in the world to come. And that is going to happen by the decisions made by nations in the world.