Is India's Education System Inclusive of People with Disabilities?

India Oct 25, 2020
  • Education is a pivotal element of a person’s life and a sense of knowledge is inculcated and kickstarted by the school.
  • While the education system claims of an inclusive environment, we often experience instances of bullying, impolite curiosity, or just gratuitous stares.
  • Very often, the disabled are isolated, where they either succumb to hiding or just simply don’t stand up against the preposterous acts.
  • The situation seems to be improbable, but with a concrete stand against these injustices, we can try to make their experience congenial.

Why must this awareness be spread?

  • Disability awareness has gained certain importance and prominence over the decades, but even now, people completely disregard their significance and the poignant effect it has on them.
  • Lack of cognizing the students and teachers poses another problem, as the way of interacting with the disabled children also plays an important role, where the peers seem insensitive, even unknowingly.
  • Sometimes the children are not the source of the problem, but with a disabled person around them, they seem hesitant and perhaps befuddled to approach.
  • The faculty members in the school are not equipped to look after the needs of disabled children.
  • The profound effects of covid-19 on public health and education are well-known. Unexpected events like these create additional challenges to be faced by disabled children due to their functional limitations with bounded help.
  • Additionally, various programs and essential services undertaken by the government may not be easily available in the community space.
  • According to a survey, many disabled children become school dropouts when they are not able to seek help.
  • Many studies assert that educating children with disabilities alongside their peers fosters understanding and forbearance, thereby allowing them to interact and socially develop.
  • By being included in a normal class, 96% of the students with disabilities felt that they were more assured and just like any other student.
  • As things stand, 45% of India’s disabled population is illiterate, according to the census of 2011, compared to 26% of all Indians.
  • A strong and inclusive environment with a genial attitude and, punctilious government and community is the only way to alleviate the pangs of challenges faced by disabled children.

This article has been written by Jahnavi Rathore for The Paradigm

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