Is America only capable of wars and not peace?

International Sep 10, 2021

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Pre-text: It is haughty to debate over blame-shifting and politics when a nation and its people are experiencing inhumane sufferings, but someone has to be held accountable for mishandling a totally containable situation and the article in no position neglects the hardships.

Biden’s Inaugural address(January 20, 2021): “We will repair our alliances and engage with the world once again; We will be a strong and trusted partner for peace, progress, and security,” swore Joe Biden. Then went on to conduct a political stunt by signing a messy and hasty evacuation leaving an entire nation in the state of tyranny. As expected, this move struck hard on Biden’s and America's credibility, with NATO being the most displeased so much so that NATO is now urged to rethink their alliance with America.

Why is NATO annoyed?

The EU's security officials, after the downfall of Kabul, have strikingly dismissed America's decision to pull its forces home, contending it has weakened NATO and raised questions about Europe's reliance on security in Washington. The collective defence principle of NATO in its Article 5 demonstrates that an assault on an ally is perceived as an assault on all. The US conjured that up for the first time in 9/11.

George Robertson, who had been Secretary-General of Nato after 9/11 launched Article 5, suggested that disunity had been detrimental. "It weakens NATO because both Donald Trump and Joe Biden seem to have abandoned the 'in together, out together' framework."

Lord Peter Ricketts, UK's preceding National Security Advisor remarked, 'It appears that NATO has been entirely overrun by American unilateral choices.’

Another statement by Lilith Verstrynge makes it very clear that the union wants to pave the path to the future without America’s alliance. She argued that NATO's dismay gave Europe even more impetus to pursue a more autonomous position, a position that French President Emmanuel Macron had moved forward. "It's time to change to a more prominent position and protect our advantages," she declared.

Eastward watch dogs: The failures set fire to Biden's core message ‘America is back’, withstanding the major Chinese and Russian propaganda of America’s rapidly declining power.

Political scenes in the US

On the off chance, the US International Strategy Base would laugh at the recklessness and corruption of the US process, if Donald Trump might've managed the failure in Afghanistan. As it is Joe Biden, all things are usually contained in humiliating silence in the White House.

It is true that Trump placed the US on the road out of Afghanistan and began ill-planned negotiations with the Taliban. But Biden accelerated it instead of reversing the military withdrawal, which might have been planned only to demonstrate 'Political upper hand’ without considering thorough consequences.


In contrast to the Cold War period, where most Western countries had no choice except to be close to the US, Europe today has more room and more desire to choose autonomously. In the past, US failures across Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula did not influence western unity in a general sense. Now, in all likelihood, the misdirection in Afghanistan would make the U.S. Partnership less reliable in future.

This article has been written by Apurva Kale for The Paradigm.

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