How there is Rainbow threat to countries?

International Sep 09, 2021

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The European Commission, as the "guardian of the treaties" preserving the European Union's unity, launched legal action against the moderate legislatures of EU members Hungary and Poland over the existing policies perceived as oppressive to the LGBTQ community. Both the socially conservative administrations in Hungary and Poland are dominated by methods that have raised concerns of law and order that disrupts public order.


A Hungarian children's book with new kinds of remarkable fantasies was released to spotlight people from underrepresented communities such as LGBTQ, Roma and people with impairments. It started an influx of homophobic insults with the book being openly destroyed by conservative extremist politicians. In the disdain crusade, other major authorities added their views and in a public broadcast, a politician stated that the LGBTQ group "should leave our children alone."

Hungarian leaders claimed that the introduction of the law was based on the simple terms of protection of "traditional virtues," but many advised that PM Viktor Orban might attempt to appeal to the race in the next spring for his notable traditionalist base.


Several Polish cities and districts approved ordinances establishing 'free zones of LGBTQ ideology ' which came out as no more than sheer hatred towards the LGBTQ community. Although these zones are not enforceable and have no real implications, the right-wing have often warned that they are fueling scorn and spiking malice. A February research from the Council of Europe found out that "These urban zones and premises account for 33% of Poland as a whole, thus the impact is grave on LGBTIQ community”.

The Law and Justice who are subliminally backed by the Catholic Church banned abortion and ridiculed Muslim migrants. However, it is the LGBTQ community that has been the target of the most fiery assaults, considering homosexuality as an “immoral trend” and "foreign ideology" sponsored by the EU, that must be exterminated.

Why is the EU intervening?

The EU's core ideals are equality and non-discrimination, as cherished by its Treaties and Charter of Fundamental Rights. In many years, authoritative turns of events, case law and strategy have helped many people to further develop their lives and to establish social systems that are even more equal and inviting, including LGBTIQs. And if LGBTIQ victimisation surfaces in the Union, the EU must be at the forefront of initiatives towards securing the rights of LGBTIQ people. This is why the EU is taking strict actions against such oppression.

On 12 November, as stated by President von der Leyen in his State of the Union address 2020, the Commission launched its first-ever EU communication strategy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ). The strategy identified actions that would proceed around four main columns: managing discrimination; ensuring well-being; creating comprehensive social orders; and advancing the LGBTIQ balance call worldwide.


Sexuality is a personal choice and the state has no right to meddle in it. Government must not victimize anyone on the grounds of their sexual orientation. And no discrimination will be entertained against people for being who they are. After all, Love is Love.

This article has been written by Apurva Kale for The Paradigm.

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