How does Delhi's faceless transport initiative aim to curb corruption?

Policy Making Sep 03, 2021

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The Delhi government has recently launched a "faceless transport" initiative by locking down four Regional Transport Offices (RTO) - the one-stop location for everything relating to road transport, from driving licences to vehicle transfers. Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal locked the gate of IP Estate RTO as a symbolic move to commence this initiative, saying it would free people from long queues, brokers, and middlemen as 33 out of 35 major services offered by the Transport Department can now be accessed online. A nexus of middlemen and officials have continuously taken over the RTO offices, where vital transport-related services are offered. The corruption encompasses everything from issuing learner's licences to changing addresses on registration certificates. By eliminating the need for people to visit RTOs, the "faceless services" scheme aims to eliminate any possibility of corruption.

According to the guidelines developed by the Delhi government, Aadhaar-based verification will be used for the online dispensing of services. To apply for a learner's licence, one should use an Aadhaar number and visit the "" portal. An OTP will be sent to the applicant's Aadhaar-linked mobile number once the Aadhaar number is entered. Due to the Aadhaar database integration, the government's application will verify the documents automatically. It will be possible to make payments and use digital signatures separately. Upon passing the online learner's licence test, an e-license will be issued instantly.

The website also contains a separate section for those without Aadhaar details or those unwilling to share them. These services will require the uploading of required documents as well as a photo and signature as stated by the guidelines issued by the Transportation Department. Foreign nationals will also be subject to the same procedures. In addition, a person can dial 1076 for the doorstep service of the Delhi government, where a representative will help them through the application process.

A person has to visit the RTO for two services: the driving test for getting a licence and the vehicle fitness test. Documents, such as licences and permits, will be sent via speed post. In addition, they will be uploaded online, with a link sent to applicants via SMS. Also, individuals will be able to use the doorstep delivery services by calling 1076. In accordance with the guidelines, most faceless applications will be processed within a week, with motor licence officers responsible for looking into complaints on a priority basis within three days.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, the Chief Minister of Delhi said that true freedom for the people will be the end of middlemen, bribery and long queues. Hence, the faceless transport initiative symbolizes the end of corruption and long queues.

This article has been written by Sharon John for The Paradigm

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