How can innovation help sustain the Planet?

International Jan 11, 2021

The world of inventions and innovations have been rapidly evolving ever since mankind has begun organizing their thoughts to comfort themselves. Some of these actions gradually contributed to polluting the environment, that included the excess use of non-degradable plastic, deforestation, loss of fertile soils, ozone depletion, garbage pollution, and many more. Though it was quite late, the tremendous hazards that could befall the earth were recognized and so one after the other preventive measures were acted out. Some of these measures were made on larger scales by enforcement of laws, movements, eco-friendly activities, reforestation, etc. while on the smaller scale industrial participation in afforestation, social cleanup missions, or anything of such kind were entertained.

Many individuals engaged themselves in projects that could cut out pollution and contaminants that had led to global environmental issues. Here are some of those ideas that the wonderful genius worked on in the past.

  1. Mr. trash wheels: A trash interceptor using the blend of solar and hydropower to pull out trash, placed at the end of the river or stream. In Baltimore, it has removed over 999 tonnes of trash.
  2. Saltwater Brewery: Edible packing material made of barley and wheat that is safe for marine life consumption. The immediate application of this packing was for the six rings can packing.
  3. Tire recycling equipment: Tires are processed into crumb rubber by high tech equipment and for the production of rubber tiles. Rubber is separated from various fibers in order to recycle it for new products.
  4. Powder that separates dirt from water: Fermented soybeans mix with dirt and pollutants, causing them to separate and sink the dirt particles. Up to five liters of water can be treated by one gram of this mixture.
  5. Edible water blobs: Reducing the plastic waste caused due to bottles, these biodegradable capsules are made from the extracts of seaweeds. They prove helpful to mitigate container contamination.
  6. Charcoal balls made of human excrement: Carbonised human excrement is left to dry in a greenhouse for around two weeks, then heated at temperature seven times higher to boiling water to eliminate odor. A Kenyan company that aims to improve sanitation uses this method to manufacture charcoal that is even used by the locals for cooking and other purposes.
  7. Plastic-free shampoo pods: The plant-based, eco-friendly, plastic-free shampoo pods use soluble films to replace the plastics in the bathrooms. The five milliliters pods were designed by Benjamin Stern at the age of 14.

The world surely needs minds that can be innovative towards the greater good. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized many such unique attempts and practices. Even a small idea can lead to huge contributions to society.

This article has been written by Pooja Varade for The Paradigm

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