Hate Crimes against Asian Americans

International Feb 22, 2021

Amanda Nguyen, a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee took to Instagram with a video sharing about the recent hate crimes against Asian-Americans with an 84-year old being shoved to the ground, a 64-year old grandmother was assaulted in San Jose and many more. “I was mad, like blood boiling through my veins now, watching my community get slaughtered,” she says. Pointing to the lack of media attention to this issue, she says, “How many more people need to be killed in order for the news outlets, especially mainstream ones, to think that we’re worthy of a story?”. This video created a stir suddenly with the issue taking the global spotlight.

She mentions that the crimes have not just increased during the Covid-19 but have been for a very long time. History traces such demarcation of the Asian-Americans through the civil war and beyond, the term being coined by the students’ group of UC Berkeley. As concerned with the rise in cases during the Covid-19 times, the NewYork police department says the hate crimes against the Asian-Americans have spiked a total of 1,900% in 2020. Well, some are even pointing towards former President Donald Trump’s calling out China for the Covid is just a result of the age-old Asian-American racism and has led to the current spike in hate crimes. However, current President Joe Biden has signed a governing order rebuking anti-Asian discrimination.

Some even attribute this hatred for Asian-Americans to the success that people of this community have been able to make. This false idea was created during the time of the civil war. However, a 2018 research by Pew shows Asian-Americans experience the largest income inequality gap as compared to other ethnical groups in the US. 2016 data from the NYC Mayor’s office shows the highest poverty rates among them in the city.

Actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu took to Twitter and shared a video of such an incident and announced a sum of $25,000 for giving information about the accused. However, this had mixed reactions since the person seen in the video was a Black man and hence many even said that this might just be an attempt by the Asain-American Actors to get the black community into trouble. Some even commented that lifting one community doesn’t mean putting down the other one. Nevertheless, history marks support to the black communities by the Asian-American communities during the times of the civil war.

This article has been written by Ritu Katkar for The Paradigm

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