At The Paradigm we believe in empathy being an emotion of change. Donating to the causes of goodwill brings about social harmony.

The organizations mentioned below provide required assistance that includes food & shelter, hygiene services, supporting fractured health systems, a safe place for children to learn, play, and other forms of support to help them cope and resume childhood. But the needs are growing and they need our help. So reaching out with a helping hand will provide these refugees with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope ahead.

1) Save the children.

in awe
Photo by Ben Richardson / Unsplash

The Humanitarian crisis in Yemen a devastating situation that has left children and families in urgent need of food. This war in Yemen has hit hardest those who are least responsible, children. Millions of children are internally displaced, are suffering from malnutrition, lack access to clean water and sanitization, and many are on the brink of starving to death. With all of this distress, covid-19 is adding to their vulnerability and increasing the threat.

Donate to Save the Children here


A mother and young child with happy yet desperate eyes as they receive donations at a local shelter. This photo was taken two days after Mount Agung on Bali erupted forcing the airport to close and thousands of villagers to flee into makeshift shelter centres. Bali, Indonesia 29 November 2017.
Photo by mark chaves / Unsplash

A decade now since the war in Syria that has had a disastrous impact on their lives, a brutal conflict that killed hundreds and thousands of people. The struggle is increasing with the refugees living in poverty, taking away the childhood of thousands, and falling short of basic infrastructure which is totally damaged. Donations to UNHCR are donations for Syrian refugees, providing sore relief items and hygiene kits.

Donate to UNHCR here


Education my love
Photo by Nate Greno / Unsplash

Donations to save children’s life, help them fulfill their potential and defend their rights. Helps in providing nutrition, education, protection and much more. Empower the future!

Donate to UNICEF here

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