Donations for Oxygen in India

Mar 31, 2021

Currently India is facing a catastrophical problem, as the reported COVID-19 cases rise to over 300k every single day. Hospitals are facing a problem to cater to each and every patient. With limited healthcare workers, limited oxygen supply and limited money to get these resources, all those who could have been saved are losing their lives. Until you step in to donate some money and contribute to saving hundreds and even thousands of people during the global pandemic. Here we have a list of organizations who will ensure that all of your contributions reach the people you are trying to help.

To thank you for your contribution, please allow us to send you a personalised letter of gratitude on behalf of Team Paradigm. Just email us at, with the subject line 'COVID relief gratitude', with your name, and a screenshot of the donation receipt.


Twitter/Hemkunt Foundation

Based in Gurgaon, the NGO Hemkunt Foundation has been tirelessly working on the ground to ensure immediate help to critical Covid patients by providing oxygen cylinders in Gurgaon and Mumbai.

You can donate to Hemkunt Foundation here



This campaign started as a self-funded mission to help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrators. The fundraiser assumed a requirement of 100 pieces that they could manage. Within a few hours, we have a requirement of over 3000 oxygen concentrators.

You can donate to here


Firefighter Oxygen Tanks
Photo by Matt Chesin / Unsplash

Get oxygen to those in need, fast. ACT is centrally distributing oxygen on behalf of the entire Indian startup ecosystem.

You can donate to ACT Grants here



There is a critical and immediate need for oxygen in hospitals and COVID Care Centres that our NGOs across the country have been registering with us. In response to this, we are relaunching our health mission to support critical patients by Providing oxygen, and Providing life-saving equipment.

You can donate to Give India here

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