The American IT folks moan in the loss of Indian minds in 2020
Arnaz Dholakia - Jul 01,2020
The pandemic puts various visas in the U.S. at a halt. This halt will not only affect India but the U.S. itself. The White House claims that the suspension of H-1B, H-2B, J-1 and L visas would create jobs for the economically hurting Americans who have lost their jobs owing to the pandemic.
Western Culture and Indian Youth
Pratham Malik - Jun 29,2020
In today's time there is a huge fascination and following for "western culture" in Asian countries. This following is at an even higher level in India and has largely affected the youth. The youth of today has somehow developed a misguided concept and perceive aping western culture as modern and their own culture as backward and primitive. The youth being engulfed by western culture is not a new thing in our country. It first came with the arrival of the British in our country. However recently the pace of westernization in our country has increased exponentially and this is mainly due to the technological advancements and the increased exposure of western culture and celebrities on our youth.
China's Growing Islamophobia
Aalisha Agrawal - Jun 29,2020
This leaked document reveals how every aspect and movement of the detained are monitored and controlled. The memo also reveals how the detainees will only be released once they demonstrate a transformation in their behaviour, beliefs and language. Another document also reveals that the Chinese government uses mass surveillance and a predictive-policing programme that analyses personal data and helps them detain a larger number of Uighurs.
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