Diesel: Most Expensive Auto-fuel in Delhi
Aditi Gupta - Jun 29,2020
On 24th June 2020, Delhi saw a record-breaking hike in petrol and diesel prices. With this current increase, diesel has become the most expensive auto-fuel in India as oil marketing companies raised its price by Rs.9.58 per litre. For the last 15 days, the oil marketing companies (OMC’s) are consistently increasing petrol and diesel prices every day. The collective increase in diesel price in the fortnight is Rs.10.49 a litre. This is a substantial fortnight hike in auto-fuel prices since April 2002 when our then prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government deregulated the oil fuel prices to bring them in tune with the international prices. Diesel prices in India have always remained cheaper than that of petrol due to differences in taxation structure at both center and state level, but, globally diesel is one of the expensive auto-fuel due to its higher cost of production.
Western Culture and Indian Youth
Pratham Malik - Jun 29,2020
In today's time there is a huge fascination and following for "western culture" in Asian countries. This following is at an even higher level in India and has largely affected the youth. The youth of today has somehow developed a misguided concept and perceive aping western culture as modern and their own culture as backward and primitive. The youth being engulfed by western culture is not a new thing in our country. It first came with the arrival of the British in our country. However recently the pace of westernization in our country has increased exponentially and this is mainly due to the technological advancements and the increased exposure of western culture and celebrities on our youth.
Subjects beyond the scope of Online Learning
Suchitra Rau - Jun 26,2020
This pandemic has been an absolute eye-opener. Through its course, we have started to realize just how much we have taken for granted, in every field, right from education to recreation. Due to this, we have had to come up with alternatives to conventional methods of living in order to help end the pandemic. However, while some of these alternatives have been effective, most others have not. Education is one such field that is essential during this time, while it still struggles to put forth a universally viable substitute.
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