Science and Technology
Embracing Technology during Lockdown
Khushi Gupta - Apr 28,2020
The great growling engine of change is the technology. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. Technology development has taken place at such a huge scale that who could have imagined that in the situation of a health crisis like this, technology would come at hand so much that everything including business, education, doctors treatment, tournaments, cooking and so many other activities will be conducted online.Technology has dramatically altered the otherwise mundane indoor space for millions in the city.
Science and Technology
Riya Rajayyan - Apr 23,2020
Since the Industrial revolution, progress in Science and Technology has been exponential. Although, with the progress, there have been a few setbacks which can potentially be hazardous to civilization as a whole. The problem of drug resistant bacteria is more real than ever. There are various strains of TB that are resistant to 4 drugs. TB is a major problem in India and drug resistant TB would only put us decades behind, in the modern era.
The Evolution of Society after Pandemic
Khushi Gupta - Apr 12,2020
Society has always fought staunchly against epidemics in the past. Right from Bubonic plague to Spanish flu.Will we return back to normal after this Pandemic?
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