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Ignorant Nature of Indian Media
Sainka Walia - Aug 13,2020
In a country where almost every household has the subscription of news channels, the media is not understanding the implications of their exaggerated or so-called ‘masala’ news. With fake news birthing, ‘Whatsapp university’, and taking over social media, TV news channels have done nothing to refute these atrocities, rather have supported them by declaring it as ‘breaking’ news. But we are not here to talk about the absurd content of these news channels but rather the news that they leave out or deem as unimportant .
Fare Thee Well
Arnaz Dholakia - Aug 09,2020
US President Donald Trump said on July 31 that, as soon as August 1st, he will sign an executive order to ban TikTok in the United States, raising the pressure on the Chinese owner of the famous short-video app to sell it. The move will be the culmination of US national security concerns about the protection of TikTok's handling of personal data. This would represent a huge blow to the owner of TikTok, Beijing-based ByteDance, who was one of only a handful of genuinely multinational Chinese conglomerates due to the commercial success of the device.
Are They Really Out to Get You?
Rohit Deshpande - Aug 04,2020
Since its discovery of the virus in December of 2019, COVID 19 has spread across the globe at an astonishing rate. However, one phenomenon which has outpaced the virus at all avenues is the false news and information regarding this virus which has infected the news media and our daily feed on social media. From whatsapp messages and facebook posts to big budget documentaries, false news has taken all forms and means possible. However, when it goes to making false information look like legitimate information, some people have gone above and beyond. Popular channels like Brain Fight, hosted by popular right wing extremist Alex Jones have lent their voice to many conspiracy theories, lending credence to these theories. However, this piece will largely focus on one singly effort to spread fake news, ‘Plandemic.’
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