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Science and Technology
Teachers on Virtual Classes
Sayali Joshi - Sep 04,2020
The situation of COVID19, we all have been tackling for 7 months now and we don’t yet know when will it all get over? and when we will get back to our old normal lives? Raising the questions to old normal, to this new normal and the next coming normal we all are gradually learning one thing that is ADAPTATION. Yes, not only students but now teachers are getting used to things they never have tried before.
All you need to know about One Sun, One World, One Grid Plan
Ishaan Singh Sarna - Aug 28,2020
In his address on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi made mention of his government’s mega plan of initiating the One Sun, One World, One Grid project - a transnational electricity grid that aims to boost the supply of solar energy globally. This vision was initially proposed by PM Modi during the first assembly of the International Solar Alliance in 2018.
Around the clock news
Rohit Deshpande - Aug 22,2020
In 2014, CNN reported the story of a missing airplane, which was known as MH370. During the first few minutes of the report, they informed the audience of the plane's itinerary, last known location, and current status. It was a concise and accurate assessment. However, then they realized they still had 23hours and 50 minutes of airtime to fill. CNN then introduced panels discussing conspiracy theories, graphics telling people what a plane looks like. Anchors brought in toy planes and used holographic planes to discuss the case of MH370. A news story worthy of a few minutes of reporting was bloated up to cover hours of reporting.
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