An Iconoclast Revolution
Nathan Fulgado - Jun 26,2020
The protests against the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis have made headlines all across the globe. Protests have been organised in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and Asian countries as well. From Premier League footballers taking a knee before the beginning of their match, to a human chain, connected with a ribbon formed in Berlin, people from different countries are showing their solidarity for the Black Lives Movement.
How Negligence can cause more Personnel Loss
Ragini Maheshwari - Jun 26,2020
In a report tabled in the Parliament on 3rd February 2020, The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) pulled up the army for shortages and inadequate reserves of specialised winter clothing, snow goggles, multi-purpose boots, ration and other equipment for Army troops deployed in high altitude areas like Ladakh, Siachen and Doklam.
Acche Din
Nathan Fulgado - Jun 24,2020
The so called, ‘Acche Din’ promised to us by Narendra Modi is yet to arrive. The former Chief Minister of Gujarat has taken radical steps to lift India out of the category of ‘developing countries’ and turn it into a superpower. To do so, the government has had to tackle a vast variety of issues, which include resuscitating a failing economy, improving the conditions of farmers and the agriculture sector. However, more than success stories and signs of progression, the BJP and it’s right wing philosophy has ended up making more negative headlines during Modi’s regime as PM.
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