Jahnavi Rathore - Sep 02,2020
The Gaza strip, the 140 square mile stretch of land, located along the Mediterranean coast between Israel and Egypt has endured catastrophic attacks, long-suffering wars, and deleterious situations as people continue to survive under pernicious conditions. According to the 2020 statistics, 45.4% of the population is unemployed with the health care system falling apart at an alarming rate. As if the ongoing wars weren’t enough to vex the habitants, the current ruling group- Hamas has contributed to their misery. Hamas is an Islamist political group that took control over Gaza in 2006.
Who was Shinzo Abe?
Ishaan Singh Sarna - Sep 02,2020
On August 28, 2020, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vacated the prime ministerial seat as a result of a resurgence of a chronic illness - the same condition that had led him to quit his stint as the PM in 2007 only three days after the new parliament session had begun. In his address to the Japanese populace, he apologized to them for resigning from his position almost a year before his term was supposed to end, but it was a necessary move, in his opinion, as he did not want “poor health to lead to wrong political decisions”.
Riots in India's Tech City
Jahnavi Rathore - Aug 31,2020
On 11th August 2020, vitriolic attacks took place in Bangalore due to allegedly derogatory posts on Facebook. These posts were put up by a man named P.Naveen which was against Prophet Muhammad and Islamic beliefs. These posts were pertinent to ideas of fervid religious persecutions. P.Naveen is the nephew of Congress MLA Srinivasan Murthy in Karnataka. In a blink of the eye, screenshots of the post went viral on multifarious networking apps. This post even reached the local WhatsApp groups, hurting sentiments of Islam.
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