Diesel: Most Expensive Auto-fuel in Delhi
Aditi Gupta - Jun 29,2020
On 24th June 2020, Delhi saw a record-breaking hike in petrol and diesel prices. With this current increase, diesel has become the most expensive auto-fuel in India as oil marketing companies raised its price by Rs.9.58 per litre. For the last 15 days, the oil marketing companies (OMC’s) are consistently increasing petrol and diesel prices every day. The collective increase in diesel price in the fortnight is Rs.10.49 a litre. This is a substantial fortnight hike in auto-fuel prices since April 2002 when our then prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government deregulated the oil fuel prices to bring them in tune with the international prices. Diesel prices in India have always remained cheaper than that of petrol due to differences in taxation structure at both center and state level, but, globally diesel is one of the expensive auto-fuel due to its higher cost of production.
China's Growing Islamophobia
Aalisha Agrawal - Jun 29,2020
This leaked document reveals how every aspect and movement of the detained are monitored and controlled. The memo also reveals how the detainees will only be released once they demonstrate a transformation in their behaviour, beliefs and language. Another document also reveals that the Chinese government uses mass surveillance and a predictive-policing programme that analyses personal data and helps them detain a larger number of Uighurs.
The Clansman in the Mirror
Rohit Deshpande - Jun 26,2020
In March of 2017, 5 Nigerian students studying in greater Noida, close to Delhi, were attacked by a mob, and another Nigerian student was assaulted in a shopping mall. The death of an Indian student overdosing on drugs sparked this violence. The students' parents had blamed a 'black' student as being the one who sold him the drugs, leading to violence against Nigerian students.
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