Should the Indian Government be conducting exams amid a pandemic?
Ishaan Singh Sarna - Sep 09,2020
While mainstream media outlets throughout India breathlessly cover Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case and spin conspiracy theories of their own, there is a mass student protest that remains neglected by these news outlets. As we make our place in the list of the worst affected countries, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Government’s decision to conduct entrance examinations amid such petrifying times has invited a lot of flak and opprobrium from the students who would be appearing for these exams. These worried students have taken to social media to lead campaigns against the government’s decision to conduct the examinations, citing the various uncertainties that they have.
Projects for Lions and Dolphins
Sayali Joshi - Sep 04,2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 74th independence day of India, 15 August 2020, announced that the center will take necessary actions towards conservation of endangered species in India that are Lions and Dolphins. India is one of the world’s ‘mega diversity’ countries. It is ranked ninth in the world in terms of higher plant species richness.
Teachers on Virtual Classes
Sayali Joshi - Sep 04,2020
The situation of COVID19, we all have been tackling for 7 months now and we don’t yet know when will it all get over? and when we will get back to our old normal lives? Raising the questions to old normal, to this new normal and the next coming normal we all are gradually learning one thing that is ADAPTATION. Yes, not only students but now teachers are getting used to things they never have tried before.
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