Racism and The Pandemic
Darpan Amle - Apr 05,2020
Racism has always been the problem with society. a pandemic, although is not the best time for racism and xenophobia. Chinese people are facing discrimination around the World. Whereas, in India, North Eastern people face racism.
Global Warming and India
Team Paradigm - Mar 17,2020
The effects of global warming or climate damage include far-reaching and long-lasting changes to the natural environment, to ecosystems and human societies caused directly or indirectly by human emissions of greenhouse gases. It also includes the economic and social changes which stem from living in a warmer world.
Israel, Palestine and the Middle East
Team Paradigm - Mar 17,2020
  • The Israel-Palestine has been going on for the last 100 years.
  • Several peace talks, Two Intifadas and around 10,000 deaths later, peace seems somewhat difficult, but not at all impossible.
  • Looking at the current scenario it looks like neither of the countries want to solve the conflict. Just manage it.
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