The Evolution of Society after Pandemic
Khushi Gupta - Apr 12,2020
Society has always fought staunchly against epidemics in the past. Right from Bubonic plague to Spanish flu.Will we return back to normal after this Pandemic?
Is this the Greatest Lockdown in Human History?
Samiksha Parhate - Apr 10,2020
COVID-19 has brought the modern lifestyle to a halt. Billions of people staying indoors, following orders from their Government. Social Distancing has emerged as a way to combat the pandemic, causing the greatest lockdown in human history.
Is COVID-19 strengthening Class Segregation?
Natasha Dedhia - Apr 09,2020
Has the pandemic has seen a rise in class segregation? Rise of such serious serious problems during a serious Global health emergency is alarming. What actually contributes to Class Segregation?
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