"FOR SALE?" 21st Century Slave Trade in Libya
Aalisha Agrawal - Jul 11,2020
“Big strong boys for farm work!”; it’s enigmatic how in our so called modern society auctioneers are being quoted describing men to be sold to the highest bidder. It’s the year 2020, and we still have the subject of slavery or “modern slavery” to address. Men and women being treated like cattle in the 21st century is not only atrocious but begs the question if humans have even evolved?
Lockdown : An Approach Fading Social Hierarchical Outlooks.
Team Paradigm - Jun 02,2020
The year 2020 with all its previous riots, social disorders and now COVID-19, revealed a bunch of realities. These realities apart from awakening some of our hidden talents have also pointed out some of the very serious flaws in our lifestyles as well as mind sets. One such major drawback which the lock down period has made many of us figure is the judgment and treatment on the basis of one's position in the social hierarchy.
A Full Stop to Thought
Team Paradigm - Apr 27,2020
In moments of crisis, people are willing to hand over a great deal of power to anyone who claims to have a magic cure." The above is a quote from Naomi Klein's 'The shock doctrine'. Our India - the India of the pandemic would fare well making it into the pages of her book. We, the people, have suffered in the last couple of weeks. Yes, we are all ailing and hurting from numerous causes; the dismal state of our affairs, the affectation of our people, the inability to embrace our loved ones, and for many, the theft of their basic human dignity
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"FOR SALE?" 21st Century Slave Trade in Libya
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