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Jahnavi Rathore - Sep 02,2020
The Gaza strip, the 140 square mile stretch of land, located along the Mediterranean coast between Israel and Egypt has endured catastrophic attacks, long-suffering wars, and deleterious situations as people continue to survive under pernicious conditions. According to the 2020 statistics, 45.4% of the population is unemployed with the health care system falling apart at an alarming rate. As if the ongoing wars weren’t enough to vex the habitants, the current ruling group- Hamas has contributed to their misery. Hamas is an Islamist political group that took control over Gaza in 2006.
Around the clock news
Rohit Deshpande - Aug 22,2020
In 2014, CNN reported the story of a missing airplane, which was known as MH370. During the first few minutes of the report, they informed the audience of the plane's itinerary, last known location, and current status. It was a concise and accurate assessment. However, then they realized they still had 23hours and 50 minutes of airtime to fill. CNN then introduced panels discussing conspiracy theories, graphics telling people what a plane looks like. Anchors brought in toy planes and used holographic planes to discuss the case of MH370. A news story worthy of a few minutes of reporting was bloated up to cover hours of reporting.
Make Yourself Count
Rohit Deshpande - Aug 04,2020
In 1872, British Viceroy Lord Mayo initiated a program to count all the people residing in India. This later went on to become the first census ever conducted in India, which was completed in 1881. After this, a census was conducted in India every 10 years by the British government in India. After the Independence of India, the new formed Government upheld that tradition, conducting a census every 10 year. From 1951 to present day, every 10 year, a huge endeavour is undertaken to count all the people residing in the country. However, this isn’t an article looking at the history of census’ in India, but rather looking at the effects of a census and why it is important.
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