Lockdown for Good?
Khushi Gupta - May 03,2020
The environmental changes wrought by the coronavirus were first visible from space. Then, as the disease and the lockdown spread, they could be sensed in the sky above our heads, the air in our lungs and even the ground beneath our feet.India's unprecedented nationwide lockdown to battle covid - 19 has also opened up an unexpected opportunity - a chance for residents to open up their lungs and breathe in the cleanest air in about many years.with millions of vehicles that spew dust and harmful emissions off the roads, and factories shut for more than a month, air pollution levels have plunged. Supply chains have faltered.
How are countries tackling Covid_19
Harshal Suralkar - May 01,2020
Every country has it's own way of tackling Covid-19. USA currently the number of people infected are 987,322 and the number of deaths are 55,415. And the government has still not initiated a lockdown. Russia is a place of adverse conditions and varying problems, but Corona has not left the majestic nation. Russia has seen the term lockdown has a very different point of view.
Indian Mission
Team Paradigm - Apr 24,2020
India is now at that crucial stage where it must grapple with the spread of the COVID-19 crisis on Indian soil and effectively prevent the proliferation of the pandemic in a land of 1.3 Billion. The civil health infrastructure of the country cannot be relied upon entirely. It is at this time, that the Indian army and the Indian railways have lent a much needed, lifesaving hand.
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