Are we all ‘Mental’- The perception of mental health in India.
Nathan Fulgado - Jun 17,2020
As Indians, we threw around the word ‘mental’ like it meant nothing. We associated it with words like crazy, insane, mad etc. Very few of us understand the true connotations of the word ‘mental’ and what it truly means. This just goes to show the attitude of Indians towards mental health. Why is there a stigma attached to receiving psychological help? Why do Indians perceive mental health as something that isn’t as serious as physical ailments like cancer and diabetes?
Mental Health : Major Growing Issue
Team Paradigm - May 22,2020
Mental Health has always been the most ignored health issue in our society. It has always been seen as a stigma which could not be removed. Mental health has never been given the importance as it deserves even after all the advancements and studies made in this area.
Lockdown for Good?
Khushi Gupta - May 03,2020
The environmental changes wrought by the coronavirus were first visible from space. Then, as the disease and the lockdown spread, they could be sensed in the sky above our heads, the air in our lungs and even the ground beneath our feet.India's unprecedented nationwide lockdown to battle covid - 19 has also opened up an unexpected opportunity - a chance for residents to open up their lungs and breathe in the cleanest air in about many years.with millions of vehicles that spew dust and harmful emissions off the roads, and factories shut for more than a month, air pollution levels have plunged. Supply chains have faltered.
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