Locked, in a Petridish
Rohit Deshpande - Jul 03,2020
When looking at prisons, one instinctively calls everyone behind bars a criminal. But in India, 69.4% of people spending time behind bars are merely awaiting the result of their trials and are yet to be proved guilty. Indian prisons, facilities that have the cumulative capacity of 3,96,223 prisoners, today accommodate 4,46,048 prisoners. This overcrowding has been a hallmark of the Indian prison system. However, as the COVID 19 pandemic grips the earth, this overcrowding has made the prisons into a petri dish for the virus.
Facing Another Wave of Pandemic
Rohit Deshpande - Jul 01,2020
On 22nd June, South Korea announced the arrival of a second wave of the Sars COVID 2 or the COVID 19 pandemic. A country which was considered as a success story in the handling of the pandemic now estimates that the wave will continue for months. The second wave was initiated as the country was returning to normalcy after the first wave of the pandemic.
Delhi : The Covid Capital
Shazia Farooqui - Jun 19,2020
Despite having conducted around 5 million tests since February as of June 15, India needs to ramp up its testing capacity drastically to tackle the spread of the virus. Currently, the country has a testing rate of a mere 0.08 per 1,000, with a positivity rate of 5 per cent.
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