Faceless Tax Regime
Riya Rajayyan - Aug 21,2020
Tax appeals and assessment will now be ‘faceless’ in India from September 25. This means that the identity of the taxpayer and of the tax officer should have no bearing on issues of tax scrutiny. This new tax charter aims to reward honest taxpayers, improve transparency and efficiency in the bureaucracy. Taxpayers would not need to mention their high-value transactions in their income tax returns, said officials in the know of the matter, but added that broadening the scope of reporting financial transactions by third parties had become vital since taxation is moving towards a faceless approach.
Ignorant Nature of Indian Media
Sainka Walia - Aug 13,2020
In a country where almost every household has the subscription of news channels, the media is not understanding the implications of their exaggerated or so-called ‘masala’ news. With fake news birthing, ‘Whatsapp university’, and taking over social media, TV news channels have done nothing to refute these atrocities, rather have supported them by declaring it as ‘breaking’ news. But we are not here to talk about the absurd content of these news channels but rather the news that they leave out or deem as unimportant .
India-Russia Exchanges
Riya Rajayyan - Aug 11,2020
A number of high-level exchanges between India and Russia is set to take place including the annual bilateral summit in October with President Vladmir Putin expected to make a visit. The recent exchanges between the two sides included the discussion of regional and international issues.During the lockdown period, Modi and Putin have also spoken a couple of times.
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