Boycotting China : Yet another Masterstroke?
Sainka Walia - Jul 07,2020
After the recent stand-off between the Indian and the Chinese army, The Government has called for a boycott of Chinese products, apps, and so on. The real question is, Whether this boycott is plausible or not?
The Fate of Daily Wage Workers
Suchitra Rau - Jul 01,2020
17-year-old Vishal Kumar Maurya had been living in Mumbai for six months. He earned an average of 500 to 600 rupees a day, an amount that barely got him through. Though money was already strained, Maurya had to return home when a nation-wide lockdown was put into place, and like him, were several others.
The American IT folks moan in the loss of Indian minds in 2020
Arnaz Dholakia - Jul 01,2020
The pandemic puts various visas in the U.S. at a halt. This halt will not only affect India but the U.S. itself. The White House claims that the suspension of H-1B, H-2B, J-1 and L visas would create jobs for the economically hurting Americans who have lost their jobs owing to the pandemic.
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