India-Russia Exchanges
Riya Rajayyan - Aug 11,2020
A number of high-level exchanges between India and Russia is set to take place including the annual bilateral summit in October with President Vladmir Putin expected to make a visit. The recent exchanges between the two sides included the discussion of regional and international issues.During the lockdown period, Modi and Putin have also spoken a couple of times.
EIA 2020 : Development at the cost of Environment
Sainka Walia - Aug 09,2020
At first glance, EIA 2020 is not very different from EIA 2006 but a glance is not enough when this draft has the power to change the future of this planet. Upon further analysis of the document, one will notice the reduced role or the watered-down version of one of the chief principles of this document, one that makes it democratic, that is Public Participation. In EIA 2020, the government has removed public hearings from the procedure of obtaining an EC (Environmental Clearance) for many categories. Their reason is that this reform will make it easier for businesses to grind through paperwork and begin operations for the benefit of the country. Thus, reproducing their age-old debate of environment vs development.
Fare Thee Well
Arnaz Dholakia - Aug 09,2020
US President Donald Trump said on July 31 that, as soon as August 1st, he will sign an executive order to ban TikTok in the United States, raising the pressure on the Chinese owner of the famous short-video app to sell it. The move will be the culmination of US national security concerns about the protection of TikTok's handling of personal data. This would represent a huge blow to the owner of TikTok, Beijing-based ByteDance, who was one of only a handful of genuinely multinational Chinese conglomerates due to the commercial success of the device.
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