Are we ready for the second wave?

India Dec 05, 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken things around the world, The global lockdown became the single biggest experiment in human history. As countries lift bans slowly and steadily the fear that the emerging countries are facing is that the second wave is just around the corner.

The fact is unless and until we have a vaccine and that vaccine is distributed widely we are going to have more waves of the virus.

In what way the second wave will be different from the first wave?

If we look back into history the second wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu was more deadly than the first. But the second wave is more likely to be different from Spanish Flu as it will be less universal and more isolated outbreak will happen which will be focused on people of certain types and a certain place, it will also be easier to contain the outbreaks in places that have proper infrastructure so that they can catch the outbreak as soon as it starts. The biggest problem is there are places who have not yet finished the first wave.

Will there be another massive lockdown and if yes how will people respond?

We have already seen people are tired of lockdown and they aren’t following rules and are letting their guard down so it will be a difficult task for governments to convince people for another massive lockdown. If cases get worse we can also see governments pushing and trying to put in a massive lockdown. As of now, the central government has not announced any plans of a massive lockdown but areas with high cases have been forced under curfew and temporary lockdowns by the state authorities.

This is a new disease that no one has heard of nor seen a few months ago but the people are working hard to find a cure and a vaccine until then we are going to keep on seeing waves recurring. We have already seen second waves in a few places. As winter is near so is the risk of the spread of Covid-19 the authorities have advised people to stay indoors and only go out unless and until it's absolutely necessary.

Are we ready for the second wave?

As of now, we have some idea when a vaccine will be available for production and testing has been going on without an actual end date. Many cities have already implemented night curfew in major cities where no one except people related to essential services will have access to go out after 8 pm to 6 am also the fine for not wearing a mask has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 500.

Yes, we are ready for the second wave but we need proper coordination between people and the government to stop the second wave from getting worse. Let us hope the second wave won't hit us hard.

This article has been written by Siddhesh Patil for The Paradigm

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