Are online fraudsters becoming smarter?

Social Media Jun 25, 2021

There have been many online and digital scams that Indians have faced over the past few years. In a recent money laundering scam, the Delhi police said on June 9, they saw a lot of people talking about certain applications and many even reporting them. They then downloaded the apps and ran tests in their forensic lab known as NCFL (National Cyber Forensics Lab).

Later, the Delhi police busted a Chinese money laundering scam. With multiple raids in Delhi-NCR and West Bengal since June 2, police have arrested a Tibetan woman with two CAs and eight other persons.

According to the figures, more than half a million Indians were duped of over 150 crores in only two months. It is said to be a national fraud syndicate.

What applications were used?

Applications like Power Bank and EZPlan were used for this fraud. Using these applications, fraudsters have offered profitable returns on online marketing campaigns. These applications stole all data from mobile phones after installation. This information was subsequently sent to servers outside India. This scam did not concern only money laundering, the Delhi police said during its investigation. Following the investigation, it was determined that these servers were from China.

How were people looted?

The Indians were recruited by the Chinese through Whatsapp and Telegram. These fraudsters created apps and asked people to invest money. 5 to 10 % of the money was given back to the people so they can gain their trust and make them invest more money.

People were trapped in such a greedy manner that they involved their friends as well as family members to invest in those apps. Users were shocked that after a big investment, they were blocked.

The fraud has been widespread. From West Bengal to Delhi, Odisha, Assam, Bengaluru, and Surat.

How did the police bust this scam?

A police officer went on to become a false client. After investing a certain amount, they kept track of the money. They found out that the money was routed to multiple shell companies. The money went into bank accounts and later into shell companies.

Initially, the police found some unusual activity from about 30 accounts in Kolkata. About 97 lakh rupees were recovered when the arrests took place.

What do you think the government should do to stop these types of scams?

This article has been written by Omer Khan for The Paradigm

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